Update On John Cena Taking Time Off & How WWE Has Become Overly Obsessed With Internet Leaks

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Richard's Backstage Blog

The original plan for John Cena was for him to take six weeks off following a post-match beatdown from Brock Lesnar at WWE Extreme Rules on Sunday. However, as was seen on Monday's Raw Supershow, the plan was changed and Cena will work Over the Limit later this month.

While no one can say for sure why Cena is staying on, I can confirm his hips are still bothering him and he is working more banged up than usual.

One source commented about how us breaking the news Cena was injured and planning time off may have caused WWE to change the plans once again. WWE is absolutely obsessed with stuff leaking out on the Internet right now which many feel was a big part of the Lesnar meltdown from Extreme Rules.

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