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Update On The Hardy Boyz, Not What You May Have Heard

The Hardys ROH Tag Champs

A lot of people over the weekend jumped to conclusion, because the Hardy Boyz appearance and title win in Ring of Honor, and either assumed or heard from the Internet that the Hardys deals in Ring of Honor are long term. Not only is this not true Matt and Jeff also have our clauses that if they want out early, they have the ability to leave.

Here is the REAL latest on the Hardy Boys:

WWE is very close to coming to terms with both Jeff Hardy AND Matt Hardy to start up as soon as they're able. Money hasn't been 100% agreed to yet and that aspect is still being worked on, as well as how thorough their schedule will be. Neither would be working the traditional full time WWE schedule. All parties are close enough to a deal that while negotiations are finishing up, Jeff and Matt are starting drug testing, medical screenings, physicals, etc. this week as WWE's whole medical clearance process can take a while and neither side wants to waste any time as WWE wants both Matt and Jeff starting ASAP.

This doesn't mean the deal can't fall apart. Either over contractual negotiations not reaching the finish line or there being a snag or something caught in the medical screenings. However, right now both WWE and the Hardys are operating under the impression a deal will get done and they will be coming in as soon as they fulfill their other obligations.

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