Update On The Return Of The Hardy Boyz

The Hardys Raw Tag Champs

Where is WWE going now that the Hardy Boyz are signed?

The Hardys were brought back using their old gimmick due to the fact that the lawsuit with Anthem has not been cleared yet. As you read here over a week ago, Reby was working with WWE lawyers in the suit and it was looked to be cleared up before the weekend ended. The suit has not been finalized and WWE will not give Impact a penny and that is why the gimmick has not used as of yet. WWE is likely going to stay away from the lawsuit. That, however, does not mean they will not give Reby and the Hardys all of their legal aid now that they are signed.

While WWE is ok with using Jeff as they know, Matt will run his course without the "Broken" gimmick. Here is where it gets tricky - Anthem used the "Charismatic Enigma" for Jeff, which was used and developed in WWE, and may be used as a precedent in the suit. One insider believes that the "Broken" gimmick is not close to being over, as the WWE invested a ton of money in the Hardys. I think this will all clear itself up in the next few weeks now that the WWE is involved.

As we noted before, The Hardys got to the Citrus Bowl a little later than expected and the match did get moved one match back on the card. They very low key slipped out of their own tailgate a few miles away to get into a waiting car to get to WrestleMania. Reby handled most of the details in regards to their return. Even Jeff's tweet to try to swerve fans was not enough, as while fans were thrilled, most expected it.

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