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Update On WWE Backlash Main Event Plans, Reason For SmackDown Star's Major Push

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The finish of the Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton House of Horrors match hasn't been decided yet as there have been discussions of booking a disputed finish, leading to Bray appearing on the SmackDown-only Backlash pay-per-view in May. It hasn't been confirmed yet, but there is talk of the Payback match not being for the WWE Championship.

Even though Jinder Mahal won a match on this week's SmackDown to earn a title shot at Backlash, there are still four more weeks until that show, and the tentative plan right now is for the title match to actually be a triple threat. Whether that's Randy vs. Bray vs. Jinder or someone else from the SmackDown roster being added to the match instead of Bray remains to be seen.

The company wants to see how Jinder gets over in the next couple of weeks before making the decision on whether Backlash will be a triple threat or not. Either way, the directive has come down to push Jinder strong on SmackDown as he's the closest thing the company has for a star that they can push for the Indian market (he's of Indian heritage but from Canada). India is quickly becoming one of the most important markets for WWE.

We'll have more on the House of Horrors Match posted Friday right here on WNW Premium.


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