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Update On WWE Buying Ring Of Honor, News On NJPW's US Tour In July

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Will WWE Buy Ring of Honor?

WWE is getting cold feet on buying Ring of Honor, and according to both WWE officials as well as ROH officials, a deal is much further apart now than it was a month ago. While talks could always start up again at any point, WWE is heavily leaning towards passing on the deal.

Not only has WWE lost interest in buying ROH, WWE has also decided not to sign any ROH talent for the foreseeable future, including Adam Cole, who will soon be a free agent. With WWE having had multiple meetings with ROH earlier this year, where sensitive information about the company was discussed, WWE's lawyers have advised that WWE hold off on any sort of signing spree of ROH talent to avoid the appearance that WWE wasn't actually interested in buying the company and was just trying to learn more about ROH's contracts.

ROH talent is frustrated because ROH doesn't want to spend big money if they're about to sell, but guys who have their ROH deals coming due have no leverage as ROH knows WWE, at least for a few months, is looking to avoid signing ROH's guys.

Update On New Japan's US Tour

Quick update on the upcoming New Japan Pro Wrestling shows in the United States in July: while NJPW wants both shows to air live on AXS TV, AXS wants to air the first show live and then split the second into a two part event that would air the following two weeks, so AXS ends up with three weeks of programming from the events.

A compromise has been suggested where the second event would air in its entirety a week after the first event airs live, but this is a fluid situation and nothing is confirmed yet. NJPW is talking to other networks, but there may not be enough time to get a deal done and AXS TV feels confident that they will end up with the rights to the events.


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