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Updated Backstage News On Rich Swann

Rich Swann

As has been reported, Rich Swann and his wife Vannarah Riggs, who performs as Su Yung, have reconciled. However, it may not be a happy ending for the young couple as WWE is leaning heavily towards releasing Swann. Based on WWE's own investigation, they believe this was not the first time Swann was physical with Riggs. As for any criminal prosecution, while Riggs does not want to proceed, there are enough independent witnesses that the state is planning to move forward with or without her cooperation. Unless the charges are dropped, WWE feels they have no choice but to release him.

Zack Reacts: Domestic violence issues are tough to deal with. Obviously, anyone who commits domestic violence should be fired (in my opinion). In some situations, I can understand waiting until all the facts come in because false accusations could ruin someone's career. I appreciate that WWE is doing their own investigation. However, there are enough eye witnesses in this situation to safely fire Rich Swann. If you or anyone you know is in a relationship where domestic violence is occurring please reach out to police, the domestic violence hotline is 1-800-799-7233, or at least a friend or family member who can help.

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