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Updates On Rusev & Lana, The Broken Hardyz, Baron Corbin & More

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Lana (No Featured Image)

- I'm sure we have all heard the story by now that Emma just could not pull off what WWE wanted for the Emmalina gimmick and that's why it was scrapped. However, with that being said, parts of the gimmick are not dead as they will be using many aspects of it for the returning Lana. With Lana having the new vignette, it's the start of the character. At this point it is undecided if she will keep the Russian accent for now, however there is a very good chance it is dropped. It was a favor to Rusev that they where kept on the same show, however they were told they will likely no longer be a unit and will have separate story lines. It is faith WWE has in Rusev getting over by himself and it's also the fact that they have always wanted to push Lana solo. The issue here with Lana is that 6 years ago in the-ring she would have been okay wrestling; however with the ever evolving work rate of the women, she may stick out as not being to their level.

- While we are not trying to beat a dead horse with the Hardys story and updates, many people are asking for follow ups. As we have kept you up to date on the WWE efforts to purchase all rights to the Broken gimmick from Impact, and frankly it is just cheaper than a dragged out court battle which ultimately Impact would likely lose, however there is the fact they could tie it up forever. As we reported on Tuesday, look for a deal to be done by the end of the week. Well the update is a deal has been accepted between the parties and now it is just getting everything signed and pin to paper. It is a lump sum one-time pay off and nothing more in any way after that. It will be interesting from a WWE stand point as to how long they wait to roll with the gimmick or if they do it right away. Again we will state that the long term plan for Jeff, once it happens is not to be Brother Nero for that long if at all, and Matt will have Broken Matt. Eventually, Jeff will be the Charismatic Enigma character and get his own singles run. Again, the future for both Hardys is bright.

- The storyline with Shane McMahon suspending Baron Corbin is just to try to get him over as a bigger heel.

- Truth Martini, formerly of ROH, has been doing some guest trainer work down in NXT over the past month. Officials are high on him becoming a trainer there when spots open. Truth has owned and operated his own wrestling school "The House of Truth," aka HOT Wrestling since 2002 in Michigan, and has trained or helped develop such stars as Zach Gowen, Jimmy Jacobs, Alex Shelley, CJ Parker/Juice Robinson. Truth is one of the most standout and honest guys you will meet in this business and we wish him the best of luck.

- For those asking questions in regards to Adam Cole, his last commitments to ROH are on the War of the Worlds tour. Those shows are now sold out and standing room only.

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