Very Detailed Information On What Happened To Jerry Lawler On This Week's WWE Raw From The Moment He Went Down Until He Came Out Of Surgery On Tuesday, The Courageous Medical Workers That Saved His Life; Backstage News On The Chaos Behind-The-Scenes Inclu

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Please note: I'm on vacation and haven't watched the Raw tape yet. I know some are probably going to complain about me posting these details, however, Jerry Lawler is alive today and it's my responsibility to provide my readers with the inside scoop. Please be advised the material in this post isn't pretty and if you are not into non-wrestling material, skip over this one.

Jerry Lawler had a heart attack at the announcers table at this week's WWE Raw. Medical personnel and crew members transported him from ringside to the backstage area via the aisle way through the crowd. Half-way there he was met by EMS where he was hit with a defibulator several times to restart his heart. I'm told he was unresponsive and not breathing at this point.

Another crew of EMTs used a different defibulator that restarted his heart and ultimately saved his life. Jerry was rushed to a hospital in downtown Montreal where he was put on a ventilator while doctors worked to stabilize him. After nearly twenty minutes, Lawler was stabilized and was taken off the vent. A multitude of tests were ran once he was stabilized including an eye test while he was coherent. They did an MRI of his brain to rule out a stroke. Once a stroke was ruled out, they performed a CT scan while most WWE officials and medical personnel felt like it was cardiac arrest even before the CT results came back.

On Tuesday, Lawler had a stint placed in his heart that acted as a balloon to help clear blockage. That is where things stand currently as far as his health.

Regarding the mood backstage at Raw, I'm told Vince McMahon and Triple H rotated from seeing him and working gorilla. There was no talk about stopping the show unless it was confirmed that Jerry had died.

While Vince was working gorilla, he was screaming for people to get in-character and hold it together. He said that's what Jerry would have wanted and controlled everything said by Michael Cole on television. As soon as McMahon received word that Jerry had a pulse he snapped into "war general mode" and commanded the troops to "finish strong."

One observer tells me that Hunter looked "lost and helpless" backstage and was trying to console workers and was much more sympathetic [than Vince] towards people's feelings. I'm told it was Cole's call not to announce the rest of the show and just provide updates on the health of Jerry Lawler.

Even though WWE Champion CM Punk didn't look shaken, he was as just minutes prior he was working a match with Lawler. Vince told Punk to get in-character. The feeling is Punk did an "amazing job" masking his feelings and Vince was very happy with him. Once the show went off the air there was a small talent meeting backstage with prayers offered for Lawler.

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