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Vince McMahon Searching For Star Power, Gets Shot Down By Randy Orton

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Vince McMahon is working to add some star power back at the top of WWE's card. We're told he's accepted the current crew is probably the weakest they've been in years in terms of overall star power.

Randy Orton is still upset about his role and wasn't happy with the idea of getting the LOSER of John Cena vs. Dean Ambrose at WWE Hell in a Cell. I don't know if that's why that hasn't been announced or if that will alter plans but I do know he wasn't happy with it. We're told he continues to ask for time off off to recharge his batteries.

Meanwhile, Vince has offered to give Orton a stronger push but doesn't want to give him time off. Actually, Vince wants to increase Orton's schedule. Right now, Orton doesn't regularly worked the Smackdown tapings on Tuesday night. We're told Vince doesn't want to commit to a stronger push when he's not willing to work full time.

Apparently Orton was asked to start working Smackdown full time and refused.

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