How Vince McMahon Shocked The World At Survivor Series

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Vince McMahon

While we don’t necessarily know if Bill Goldberg still has it, we can confirm that Vince McMahon does.

When Goldberg agreed to stay on with WWE after Sunday’s Survivor Series pay-per-view, Vince wanted to figure out a way to keep him relevant without overexposing and/or overworking him. At nearly age 50 and not working in over a decade, no one knew how Goldberg would look in an actual match. Vince and WWE officials felt Goldberg looked the part and when he agreed to more dates, Vince decided they had to preserve him by any means necessary.

That’s when Vince made the call for Goldberg to defeat Brock Lesnar in a very short sequence. He wanted the bout to have shock value and was adamant they go home in under two minutes (for promotional purposes). After all short and dominate squash matches are what got Goldberg over in the first place. When Brock was approached about it, his reaction was not as some would expect. He was fine with getting full pay-per-view pay without having to work a full match and signed off without any argument. As one source described, as long as Brock gets paid, he'll do whatever he is asked.

Goldberg originally had agreed to work one match at Survivor Series and that was it. Vince felt he could get him to work Wrestlemania 33 and continued to have discussions with him about staying on. Vince was able to convince Bill to commit beyond Survivor Series before the match, which saved a booking nightmare.

Had Goldberg not agreed to work for WWE beyond Survivor Series, Vince had to decide how to play it and whether or not they should protect Goldberg at all in the finish. When Goldberg agreed to stay on, it was a no-brainer they had to put Goldberg over and they had to do it quick so they could string things out for as long as possible.

Inserting Goldberg and Brock Lesnar in the 30-man Royal Rumble is a way to prolong their feud without overexposing them and the plan is to lead to one last match at Wrestlemania 33 next April.

Vince was pleased with the reaction to Goldberg squashing Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series because he felt it was something that no one saw coming. While the outcome leaked, almost no one knew Vince had booked a squash match. The locker room was originally shocked and even a bit angry but that quickly died down in the following days.

Now, Vince is being praised for making Goldberg relevant again in 2016 and developing a new "attraction" for WWE's biggest events next year.

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