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Vince McMahon Takes Aim At The Internet & Works Several Publications To Perfection Over Brock Lesnar Reports; Details On What's Really Going On Behind-The-Scenes With WWE & Their Multimillion Dollar Man; Update On Chris Sabin's Severe Injury & Why Alex Sh

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Richard's Backstage Blog

Vince McMahon Works The Internet

As I noted earlier last week here on Premium, Vince McMahon isn't really upset with Brock Lesnar and reports suggesting otherwise are a flat out work. I'm told by a source close to McMahon that the WWE boss is "thrilled" with how it is going down. There are still publications (outside of obviously) still being taken for a ride that Brock is on the outs with WWE.

Multiple sources have reassured me nothing could be further from the truth. Vince is happy the company has been able to keep Lesnar relevant to diehard fans over the last few weeks without burning through any of his dates by using him on TV. While McMahon normally couldn't careless about the smarks and Internet audience, this angle was catered to the smarks and Internet audience and made so large so it would go mainstream.

In addition to working some publications, WWE was able to pull off the whole UFC meeting by playing to Dana White's ego where he made sure Brock was shown on the pay-per-view last month. I'm also told Brock paid his own way to Las Vegas to attend the show to work fellow WWE co-workers and the producers.

Chris Sabin Frustrated

Chris Sabin is said to be extremely frustrated after suffering an ACL tear on last Thursday's Impact Wrestling. With his TNA contract set to expire in a few months and the possibility of him joining Alex Shelley in Japan on tour or even in WWE, the timing absolutely couldn't have been worse.

While the match on Impact could have very well been his final in TNA, with "two bad wheels," it's unknown how long his recovery will be. Alex Shelley is believed to be even more bummed out as many feel there was a plan to bring him and Sabin into WWE together as a tag team.

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