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Vince McMahon's Plan For CM Punk Going Forward, Details On The WWE Roster Turning On Him, What Triple H Wants (And Doesn't Want), Is CM Punk's Career Over If He Doesn't Return to WWE?

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In the midst of being informed about Vince McMahon'shail marry attempt to get CM Punk on this week's Monday Night Raw and back for Wrestlemania XXX, I was told a lot of the WWE roster is turning on him. Punk has never been known for his likability but he's even been ignoring close friends and word is getting around about that.

I was told if Vince couldn't get Punk back for Wrestlemania, the plan is to "leave him be for a couple months" and see if he gets the itch to return on his own. His WWE contract isn't up until July, which leaves him time to recharge and have a change of heart. I was told if Vince couldn't get Punk back for Raw (which he wasn't able to do), to expect him to do a 180. The effort to get Punk back on Raw was seen as a last ditch effort and after that, Vince feels he's better off waiting until Punk's deal is coming up and trying to get him to re-sign at that point.

Meanwhile, Triple H doesn't want Punk brought back and feels the company shouldn't risk putting him in a prominent position again, only for him to potentially walk out. Vince has yielded a lot of power to Hunter but with Punk, it's been Vince that has taken full control and asked Hunter to stay out of it. According to a source, it was Vince's mindset that he had the best shot at changing Punk's mind by dealing with him directly.

With Punk reportedly unhappy with a proposed match against Hunter at Wrestlemania, one source notes they doubt Punk is going to be one of Triple H's favorite anytime soon. This is another issue, as longterm, Punk knows Triple H will be pulling the strings and just doesn't see a future for himself at the top of a card for a company that's going to be run by someone he knows just doesn't see him at that level.

He could obviously change his mind, but in Punk's head, he's done. Not just in WWE, but in wrestling period. He has no desire to go to TNA, the indies or Japan.

Punk has a ton of leverage right now but once Vince moves on, a lot of that leverage goes out the window. He could still ultimately agree to come back and work Wrestlemania but that chance goes down with each passing week, especially now that Vince plans to give Punk some space.

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