Details On Who Played A Major Role In Vince Russo Deciding To Quit TNA Impact Wrestling & Who He Hopes To Take With Him To WWE

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There is even more news regarding Vince Russo's departure from TNA Impact Wrestling. I heard a lot of people wondered about the timing, especially when he was in a situation where the odds of him ever being fired were miniscule. One source told me he basically had a job for along as TNA was in business.

From what I understand, Vince's son, Will Russo, played a major part in his decision making. As some of you may know, Will worked in production for TNA but quit when his father quit.

One of the reasons Vince Russo was attempting to regain some of his power was in the hopes he would have enough pull to get his son a bigger role in TNA, much like Eric Bischoff has been able to do with his son Garett. Vince wasn't looking to get Will on-camera or anything like that but was hoping to have more stroke to get his son a more important position in production that offered him better job security.

My source says that while Vince figured while he had job security, due to his minimized stroke in the company, he wasn't confident the same job security would be extended to his son. I'm told Vince is hoping he can get Will a job with the WWE Network, assuming he himself actually lands a job with his former employer.

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