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Turmoil Between Vince McMahon & Triple H Reaches A Boiling Point w/Heated Argument Backstage At Madison Square Garden -Stephanie/Hunter Cut Their Vacation Short To Make The Show, Vince's Last-Minute Script Changes & The Contentious Relationship That's Bec

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We reported back in June that things between Vince McMahon and Triple H had grown noticeably more contentious, well that hasn't changed. According to a source speaking under the condition of anonymity, the latest major blowup took place a little over a week ago at WWE's live event at Madison Square Garden.

The show was "stacked" because Vince's focus is to make all of the shows at the Garden as big as possible. However, there was a problem. Triple H and Stephanie were legitimately on vacation (not just in storyline) and had no intention of being at the show. Vince "put his foot down" and "absolutely demanded" that Triple H (who was scheduled to appear live) be at Madison Square Garden for the show. He wouldn't budge and it looked like Hunter was not going to budge either. Ultimately, playing the role of peacemaker, Stephanie talked Hunter into cutting their vacation a couple of day short so he could make the live event.

Prior to the show, there was an argument in a closed room between Vince and Triple H loud enough for the producers to hear from across the hall.

The tension continued the next day when Vince ordered major changes to the Raw script two hours before going on the air, despite Triple H's repeated objections that last-second changes are hurting the show.

The changes resulted in some awkward moments on the show, like the announcers (being produced by Vince) having no idea how to handle Paul Heyman's absence from Cesaro.

Things have gotten bad enough between Vince and Hunter that it's impossible to hide the turmoil at this point. From Triple H and Stephanie's perspective, they feel like some of the changes Vince makes now is just to put them in their place. Putting a personal vendetta in front of what is best for the show.

We'll continue to follow the story but I found it interesting that I received this information after Hunter Tweeted the following photo from MSG:

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