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Vince McMahon & Triple H At Odds Over Wrestlemania 31 Plans

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The friction with Vince McMahon and Triple H is growing again. We’re told Vince hasn’t decided when he wants Triple H back to TV and they have a difference of opinion about the creative direction of the Triple H character going forward.

Vince put some of the blame on Hunter and Stephanie for the disappointing WWE Network numbers and decided to put himself back on TV to drum up interest.

Right now, Vince and Triple H are hoping The Undertaker can be convinced to work Wrestlemania 31 next year but are not in agreement on what his match would be if he did return. Vince wants to do The Undertaker vs. Sting, but with The Rock likely unavailable, Hunter needs a big name opponent and he wants to face Sting.

They have planted the seed for a Triple H vs. Sting match because Vince has no objection to that match if Undertaker doesn’t return. However, if Undertaker does return, Vince doesn’t want Triple H vs. Sting. Hunter wants a match against Sting whether Undertaker returns or not.

If Undertaker does return, since Triple H wants Sting to himself, Triple H has floated the idea of putting Undertaker in a three way. One observer noted this may not actually be a bad idea since it would make it easier to carry The Undertaker.

The match Hunter pitched is Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The outcome pitched was Reigns pinning Undertaker if Brock re-signs with WWE or Reigns pinning Lesnar if Brock doesn’t re-sign.

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