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Weekly Wrestlemania XXIX Update - The Top Three Matches For Next Year's Show As Of Today Including Who Challenges For The WWE Championship, "The Streak," Plus Another Dream Match Many Have Been Anticipating For Years

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As the WWE creative team continues to work feverishly each week to fill the company's TV tapings and monthly pay-per-views, there continues to be much discussion about the Wrestlemania XXIX lineup next year. With things ever changing backstage in WWE, we have a new update with the thinking this week.

The name Triple H has thrown out for Brock Lesnar's opponent is Sheamus. Vince McMahon prefers to do The Undertaker vs. Lesnar but Hunter would prefer to put a younger talent over Lesnar. As one source told me, "we'll see who wins that battle."

There has been a lot of talk of The Rock winning the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble, most-likely against CM Punk, and go on to drop the title to John Cena in a rematch at Wrestlemania. With Rumble still far away, it's very possible Punk would drop the WWE Championship and re-gain it before the match at Royal Rumble.

Plans for CM Punk [at Wrestlemania] hinge on the future of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Vince and Hunter are both in agreement in trying to get Austin to return for "one last match" at Wrestlemania. While Austin hasn't said no, he hasn't said yes either.

Therefore plans this week for Wrestlemania XXIX look like this:

  • The Rock vs. John Cena for the WWE Championship
  • Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker (or Brock Lesnar vs. Sheamus)
  • Steve Austin vs. CM Punk

Obviously if Austin doesn't agree to work, the combination will have to be blown up which is very likely to happy.

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