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-Over the weekend WWE did a round of wellness testing, many say this was an end of the year formality for testing numbers. WWE has not done a large round of testing in the past few months and just the norm here and there. One of the other reasons they do it now is so if anyone pops a positive test they can be back in time for the Royal Rumble, though the company would never publicly admit that.

-There is a cold/flu virus going around on the RAW brand, several workers were working under the weather on Monday. 

-Dolph Ziggler was checked out by WWE doctors after his match with Drew McIntyre, Dolph had injured his upper arm and elbow during the match. I'm told it does not seem serious at the time. 

-Braun WILL be at TLC. However, how much of Braun we see comes down to the mobility of Braun's elbow and if he can be cleared to have a match or just light physical contact. This is very similar to the Alexa situation as far as contact/bumping goes. Braun will revisit with WWE doctors for evaluation this weekend.

-The current plan is for Lars Sullivan to appear at TLC in a higher profile situation. Keep in mind the original plan was for Lars not to debut until Rumble, however, this was INTENTIONALLY sped up. The storyline is supposed to be a battle between Shane McMahon and Stephine McMahon for Lars's services. This is a guy that Vince is very high on.

Zack Reacts: I always reserve judgment for wrestlers, even NXT superstars until I see them perform on the main roster. However, with guys who remind me of Lars from the past, Vince gets REALLY high up on them a few months but the crowd doesn't really get on board. Then Vince drops them like a hot potato and they're left to sink down the card into a comedy gimmick. The first person who comes to mind is Gene Snitsky. I'm not saying this will be the case for Lars but I'm curious to see if history repeats itself. Hopefully, with Triple H more involved than ever backstage Lars can avoid that fate.

-For those wondering, Vince wrote the open segment of Raw in an attempt to let fans know that he hears the complaints of the fans and wants to remind them he'll book the show his way, not theirs. Vince has also said in the past he knows how to fix what is broken with house show attendance and will fix it, that has yet to be seen. Vince made it clear the last 48 hours that he wants the WrestleMania top matches locked up and this looks to be something they will try to do this week in regards to planning.

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