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What Caused Evan Bourne's Second WWE Wellness Policy Violation & 60-Day Suspension - How It Happened So Close To His First Suspension, Bourne's "Change Of Heart" That Has Him Regretting His Behavior, Will He Be Fired?

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I'm told Evan Bourne's second WWE Wellness Policy violation that carries a 60-day suspension was in fact for smoking synthetic cannabis. Sources close to Bourne say he had basically decided he didn't care and had soured to the point where he was almost hoping to get fired to pursue other opportunities.

This led to the damning accusation that made rounds last week that Bourne was actually "trying to get fired" from WWE. My source tells me the backstage heat he had over ratting outR-Truth on top of getting popped for smoking Spice the first time had led him to the point where he stopped worrying about the Wellness Policy and kept smoking the banned substance.

However, my source notes that Bourne had a "change of heart" after recent meetings with WWE management where it was made clear while he was in the dog house, the company still had a plan for him and his problems could ultimately be "smoothed over."

Bourne became a little more optimistic about his future, however, knew he was still running the risk of failing another Wellness Test. Sure enough, he was tested again and failed a second time. This caused him to be suspended for 60-days and many believe he'll end up a victim of the company's annual roster cuts.

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