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What Caused The Cancellation Of A Popular WWE Television Series & Details On A New Show Still In The Works

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We have more details on the cancelation of WWE Saturday Morning Slam.

As we've previously reported, there were ideas tossed around that if the show did well that it would be expanded from thirty minutes to an hour and essentially become its own brand. One of the ideas included a prospective show based around cruiserweight-type talent with high flying move sets, colorful characters and masked superstars that were very marketable towards children.

The hang-up was that WWE is still hoping to bring a cruiserweight show to the prospective WWE Network. While the CW Network has happy with the ratings of SMS, they wanted the aforementioned expansion. According to a source with knowledge of the situation, when WWE refused to change the format, the CW Network pulled out of negotiations.

As it was summarized to me, the CW Network wanted more of a presence rather than a couple of short throwaway matches each week.

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