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What Dixie Carter Thinks Of The Current Creative Situation In TNA Including The Work Of Bruce Prichard; How A "Friendly Argument" Between Prichard & Hulk Hogan Resulted In Austin Aries Winning The TNA Championship

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Dixie Carter is very happy with the improvements that have been made in regards to the creative situation in TNA since Bruce Prichard has been given more responsibilities and influence. I'm told he is "playing things smart" right now where he controls a lot of the booking, especially the undercard, but tries to make sure that Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff are pleased with the main event picture.

The backstory to Austin Aries winning the TNA Championship was a prime example of Prichard bending to keep Hogan happy. Prichard is not high up on the X-Division, feeling it's never drawn, too many wrestlers are in it, too much money and resources are spent on it, etc. This is why it's been getting thinner and thinner with some of the older (and more expensive) guys being replaced by newcomers that are "being paid peanuts." Even though Prichard isn't a fan of the X-Division, he's tried to keep Austin Aries strong because Hogan is a huge Aries fan.

Not too long ago, Prichard and Hogan got into a "friendly argument" about the X-Division with Prichard expressing his negative views while Hogan "sang the praises" of Aries. Prichard then half-jokingly suggested that if Hogan was so high up on Aires, why have the X-Division dragging him down, why not put him over Bobby Roode for the TNA Championship?

Hogan reacted positively to the idea and before long that became the plan, which of course was executed at Destination X.

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