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What Is Holding Up Daniel Bryan From Signing A New WWE Deal

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Thomas Fenton Reports:

While many mixed reports have come out over the last 24 hours on Daniel Bryan signing a new deal, and as of this writing, Bryan has not signed a new deal.

On Sunday, reports came out that Bryan inked a new deal with WWE for two years but we can confirm that this deal was not signed as of this writing and did not happen on Sunday. While the guts of a deal has been worked out, there are some reassurances on Bryan's end that has not.

Bryan wants to make sure if he signs a new deal and if he is injured during the time and can be cleared by an independent doctor, he can be released from his deal with no prejudice. Essentially what Bryan is doing is making sure that under no circumstances can the same situation happen again in which his contract can be frozen and that only WWE doctors can unfreeze his deal.

While WWE is trying to put a much larger downside guarantee for him, the fact of the matter is that Daniel Bryan holds all of the cards in signing a new deal. Bryan will not sign a new deal unless these assurances are promised in the new contract. This is also why a rocket ship was not placed on Bryan's back when he returned. WWE was very fearful of re-injury in addition to to the fact that they did not have him under contract passed the expiration on his September 1st deal.

Another huge question comes into play by many and including myself that don't have an answer to, and that is if a deal expires on September 1st, is he free to work elsewhere? Now with that said, in most contracts it would be written (Expiration at midnight on the 31st of August) essentially September 1st, however, under those terms can work elsewhere on said date. Does the contract read ends at midnight September 1st? This is something a few know, but with that being stated it would be very odd for a deal to include the next full day of business for the following month.

When we have an update on this situation, we will be sure to keep you updated!

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