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What Others Are Saying About WWE's Meeting With Randy Orton, Where The Main Cause Of His Nuclear Heat Is Coming From, Will He Be Fired Or Is WWE Just Trying To Change His Attitude?

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Richard's Backstage Blog

I heard more on WWE'smeeting with Randy Orton that occurred last Friday and included Vince McMahon and Triple H. One of my sources noted how the company was trying to scare Orton because he doesn't believe they'll ever fire him.

While Orton has considerable heat for the Wellness problems, the majority of his heat stems from his attitude that he's untouchable. As I've noted, Orton is working under a lucrative contract and doesn't feel like WWE will let him go at the risk that he could end up in TNA.

At this point last Friday's meeting was an effort to convince Orton they were really considering getting rid of him event if they really wouldn't. I'm told WWE needs Randy to believe they'll cut ties with him if there is any hope of him "shaping up."

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