Vince McMahon's Unbelievable Reaction To This Week's Lackluster WWE Raw Rating & What Others In The Company Are Saying About The Decline In Viewership

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I'm told Vince McMahon attributes this week's lacklusterRaw rating to John Cena's surgery and him not working.

The problem with this logic is Cena was in the final segment and the show posted its lowest viewership in hour three. Further, a large portion of the audience wouldn't have known Cena wasn't going to be working because it wasn't announced on television the week prior.

I'm told some of the quarter numbers sent some company officials screaming and the overrun ended up being the lowest rated since the 90's. The obvious answer is viewer fatigue has set in and it's time to return to two hours.

Basically the pro to remaining three hours is the additional revenue from advertisements against the cons of a burned out writing team, a lack of talent, lackluster storylines, poor ratings and "nuclear" backstage rapport. It's gotten to the point where complaints just aren't going to Vince but many are saying it's just not worth it.

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