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Which Superstar Missed Out On A Singles Push, Who Has Big Heat Backstage, Who Are Vince and HHH Currently High Up On and More

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Colin Cassady

-Vince wanted to split up New Day during the Superstar Shake Up, but either changed his mind or was convinced not to at the last minute. This is the second straight year this has been discussed. Vince wants to give Big E a big singles run and has so for a while.

-The burial of Big Cass continued on Smackdown, as many may have read, Cass went off script during a promo several weeks back and it got him more heat. Notice I said MORE heat, in addition he has made so less than discouraging remarks to agents and officials regarding one of WWE's top stars and wordgot back to Vince. On top of THAT heat, Cass is known for being a big Donald Trump supporter. That wouldn't get him heat, necessarily, but he's very outspoken about his views and borderline confrontational about it. As in any career, it's best to keep your political beliefs to yourself at work.

-Vince and Hunter are both very high on Mandy Rose, this is partially the reason they are moving her away from Sonya Devillet and giving her special entrances.

-The call was made over the weekend to push the Women's Championships harder on both brands. While most, feel it's to early for Ronda to be in the title picture and they booked themselves into a corner on Raw. Its either have Nia turn back into a heel (already) and align herself with Stephanie McMahon, or have Ronda win the title too early. The Smackdown scene is also booked into a corner. The they love Carmella, however, Charlotte has lost to Carmella twice and Charlotte was the one who beat Asuka's streak. Asuka needs the win at this point, or risks looking weak but they don't want to take the title of Carmella. None the less the call was made to elevate both titles so it will be interesting how it is booked going into Money In The Bank.

-The reason Almas was debuted in the UK was by design. WWE knew that he would come across as a star in the UK in his debut. Again, as we we reported last week in premium one of his first feuds is planned to be against Orton.

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