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Who Could Be Walking Out of Fastlane as Champion, Who Is The Back-up Plan for Triple H, News On The Hall Of Fame and More!

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Triple H

-The final Raw at Joe Louis arena in Detroit is March 13th has a dark match main advertised as Roman vs Owens for the Universal Championship. This is obviously subject to change, but it's interesting to note that Owens is advertised as Universal Championship for that event which will take place AFTER WWE Fastlane. Always take those results with a grain of salt, but Goldberg winning the championship at Fastlane is certainly not set in stone.

-WWE continues to be very impressed with the progress of EVOLVE star and former UFC fighter Matt Riddle. Riddle and WWE have both admitted publicly that Riddle's firing from UFC for drug test failures are the main reason WWE hasn't signed Riddle in the past. However, with Triple H and William Regal both very high on Riddle, there has been discussion in WWE in recent weeks about re-evaluating the company's position. Triple H has told those close to him that he plans to reach out to Riddle after WrestleMania later this year and hopes to sign him by the end of 2017. It's been four years now since UFC released Riddle and Triple H feels enough time has gone by. When Riddle was in discussions with WWE a year ago and WWE ultimately passed on him, he was told that WWE wanted to wait at least another year.

-WWE developmental wrestler Dylan Miley, who WWE has very high hopes for, has been out of action for months recovering from surgery. Miley is humongous and with the recent success of Braun Strowman, WWE is warming up again to the idea of bigger guys, after putting so much focus on smaller talent the last year. Miley isn't cleared to return to the ring yet, but is expected back in the ring by the end of March. Because it is a knee injury he's recovering from, an injury which occurred during training at the performance center, WWE is being very cautious not to rush him. He's expected to return to training in the ring in about a month and is penciled in for NXT live events in April.

-From what we're hearing if Rollins cannot get medically cleared to work at WrestleMania he will be replaced by Finn Balor. Speaking of Balor, he is advertised for shows the first weekend in March. This is good news for Raw who could use as much star power as possible going into WrestleMania.

-A few notes on the upcoming WWE Hall of Fame. While WWE continues to announce who is being inducted into the 2017 Hall of Fame class, here is some info on who may be doing the inducting. In addition to Kurt Angle pushing for John Cena to induct him into the HOF, Diamond Dallas Page has asked that he be inducted by Eric Bischoff. A few ideas have been kicked around for would induct Teddy Long. WWE has suggested that he be inducted by Vickie Guerrero.

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