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Who Is Being Overexposed In WWE, Titleholder Criticized For “Look,” Plans For Lesnar, Wellness Testing

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Kevin Owens & Triple H

- As we reported last week, WWF “gang warfare” circa 1997 is back to combat low television ratings. Rhyno returned, as we noted, and The New Day have broken away from The League of Nations and are more or less hanging around with Team B.A.D. This was done to gauge interest on how it would feel if they put them all together. It was also discussed to just put Sasha Banks with The New Day, so things are rapidly developing and changing. One production source mentioned there is a feeling The New Day are being overexposed with the amount of segments they are in. It’s a gimmick the office is clearly high up on but they could be overdoing it.

- I’m told someone mentioned to Vince McMahon that Kevin Owens has gained weight. While everyone battles different body issues, we all know the stigma that goes with “the look” and WWE. Owens is over like rover as an old school heel but his weight is something that will likely continue to be an issue with Vince McMahon. While WWE can deny it all they want, we can retrace company history and point out workers that were hampered by “the look.”

- WWE recently conducted a round of Wellness testing. No failures to report at press time.

- There has been talk about using Brock Lesnar at Sunday’s WWE TLC pay-per-view to set up a feud for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship but nothing concrete. Brock’s name always comes up when ratings are low because Vince McMahon knows they have him in their back pocket. The issue is there are only a select number of dates on his schedule and if they increase those dates, they have to pay him for them (obviously). Officials have gone back and forth when they want to use Lesnar but I’m confident he’ll be on Royal Rumble next month in one regard or another.

- One idea pitched backstage at Raw on Monday was the need for some fresh faces on television. This person specifically suggested they bring up a stable from NXT to join the warfare. The idea wasn’t the “Balor Club” but a different stable comprised of other “main roster ready” talent. Vince was reportedly open to it but Triple H felt it could harm the NXT brand by removing too many names at once. Needless to say, the clock is ticking to when Finn Balor is called up.

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