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Exclusive Details On Why Hulk Hogan Filed A Lawsuit Against Bubba The Love Sponge; What About Other Sex Tapes?, Dixie Carter's Reaction & Hogan's Status Within TNA Wrestling After The Scandal

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We have more on the story that won't die - the Hulk Hogan/Heather Clem sex tape(s).

As we reported last week here on Premium, Hogan was "treading carefully" in fear that other sex tapes could end up surfacing. Bubba the Love Sponge claimed that he had only shown the first tape and the other tapes were not at risk of leaking.

Hogan's legal counsel wanted Bubba to sign a document that copies of the other tapes had never been given to anyone and that his copies had been destroyed. If in violation of the document, a stiff financial penalty would be enforced, preventing further tapes from surfacing. While Bubba had promised Hogan that he had never shown or given other tapes to anyone, when Hogan requested Bubba to put it in writing, he refused to sign.

This is when Hogan realized his best bet at stopping further tapes from surfacing was to file a lawsuit.

For those wondering Dixie Carter's reaction to the entire scandal, the word inside TNA is that Hogan is "tighter than ever" with the high-ups of the company and rather than get mad, Dixie has been very compassionate.

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