Why The Change For Rollins, Major Feuds Revealed, Backstage News On Daniel Bryan

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Finisher of Seth Rollins

The topic of Seth Rollins’ finisher became a talking point at Raw after news leaked online by the Wrestlezone.com website. I checked in and it was made clear Rollins would indeed debut a new finisher but that nothing had been banned. The term “banned” gets thrown around a lot but that’s not something that’s actually told to performers.

As is was the case with Rollins, he was told to come up with a new finisher. I heard he didn’t like how the Single underhook DDT came across and he actually pushed for Sliced Bread #2 (the finisher created by Brian Kendrick). As I stated in an Ask WNW post, whatever happens with the finisher of Rollins, I’m sure he’ll evolve just fine with the change.

I believe this was more of a cosmetic situation where WWE didn’t like the way the finisher looked with Rollins appearing to drive his opponents head first into the ring mat. Triple H is on the Board of Directors for Christopher Nowinski’s Sports Legacy Institute, so WWE has to be very careful about public appearance when it comes to concussion management and head injuries.

While I realize many fans of Rollins are disappointed they scrapped the Curb Stomp, I always had a negative connotation towards the finisher due to the 1998 film American History X starring Edward Norton.

Upcoming Feuds Revealed

Rumors regarding Bray Wyatt’s cryptic promos being about Ryback are true, at least that’s what I heard. Additionally, there was talk about programming Roman Reigns with Kane after The Big Show.

I don’t feel like I have to remind anyone reading but it should be stated creative plans can always change. The thing is with Randy Orton locked in with Seth Rollins, Reigns is currently on the outside looking in when it relates to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship picture. There are varying degrees of opinion on this but I heard Roman did just fine at the European shows over the past two weeks.

The Bella Twins were teased as babyfaces and that could be their new direction as the company is light on babyface Divas with AJ Lee gone and Paige taking time off to film.

Backstage News on Daniel Bryan

With Daniel Bryan not at Raw, many in WWE were expecting the Intercontinental Championship match at Extreme Rules to be canceled outright. It’s interesting the company has acknowledged Bryan is dealing with an injury situation and will undergo further testing before a determination regarding his status for the pay-per-view is made. No one knows exactly what is ailing Bryan but we can confirm the terms “head injury” were included on a request to book him a flight home from Europe back to the United States.

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