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Why Vince McMahon Took A Shot At UFC & What He Thought Of Dana White's Response - A Guaranteed Way To Get Ribbed & The Only Way To Make It Stop; Detailed Examples How Vince Reacted When Booker T Fought Batista & Others That Failed To Do Anything

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Richard's Backstage Blog

Earlier in the weekend I spoke to one of my sources about Vince McMahon recently buryingUFC and Dana White'sresponse.

My source says ever since WWE and Brock Lesnar "played Dana White like a fiddle" when they orchestrated a Lesnar appearance on UFC PPV back in May, Vince has looked down on him, however, not the way many may think. Vince feels he outsmarted White and "one upped" him by working him in an angle that grew to massive proportions. As one observer explained, when Vince feels you are not on his level, he will rib you every chance he gets.

White's comments to Ariel Helwani were seen as "business-like" and "respectful," however, people close to Vince tell me Vince felt it was White "being a bit of a pansy." Vince has always backed away from ribbing a guy that sticks up for himself and looks for that in a person. Some examples that were given to me were when Booker T fought Batista backstage at a WWE show, Edge standing up to John Layfield or last summer when CM Punk sat down with Vince and threatened to walk. In short, Vince loves backbone.

On the same notion, when Vince feels someone doesn't stand-up and does nothing, he will continue to bury you in storyline or in public. Examples include when John Morison didn't stand up to Batista over Melina or the constant teasing and ribbing of Jim Ross.

Given White's latest response, don't look for Vince to back down until Dana stands up for himself as his most-recent comments just added more fuel to the fire.

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