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Why WWE Really Canceled All Daniel Bryan Appearances; Attempting To Negotiate Release

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Daniel Bryan

There's a really interesting situation going on now with Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella. Bryan has been very evasive about his future plans and has been trying to get out of his WWE contract. He's refusing to make appearances until something is worked out, which is why WWE canceled the Daniel Bryan Appreciation Night segments.

New Japan Pro Wrestling is very interested in Bryan and looking to make him a huge offer if/when he's a free agent in hopes he can be coaxed into returning to the ring. NJPW were made to look like fools after WWE's talent raid earlier this year and NJPW is hoping for some small measure of revenge.

The problem though is that WWE is aware of NJPW's plan and NJPW is not going to be able to catch WWE off guard the way WWE caught NJPW off guard.

Bryan is insisting to WWE that he doesn't want to wrestle again, but also wants out of his contract. WWE doesn't want to risk creating an opportunity for NJPW, especially when they know NJPW is willing to go above and beyond to get Bryan.

Sources close to Bryan claim he simply wants released from WWE so he won't have any promotional obligations and is free to do as he pleases in the next phase of his life. WWE appears to not be taking him at his word and even if he's being sincere, NJPW is obviously going to try and change his mind.

With Brie Bella suddenly retiring the timing is very interesting.

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