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WWE: WWE will continue to push Askua moving forward and in an effort to get her back to the top of the Women's division. One of the reasons she has been and will continue to work singles matches is to push this agenda. The idea is eventually to have her turn on Kairi and further solidifying her as a heel. In the process they would like to see how Kairi in a face run does on the main roster and evaluate that prior to Kari's deal expiring in late spring. There has been plenty of rumors about Kairi  possibly wanting to explore other options, even including but not limited to going back to Japan. It is in the interest of both Kairi and WWE to see what she can do in a face run prior to her deal expiring. WWE would want to do this sooner than later, but time is of the essence and unfortunately this is not currently planned for at least a few months.

5 WWE talent in the last few weeks have quietly asked for their release while others have been more vocal. Jordan Miles FKA ACH has publicly quit WWE, and was very vocal on how he felt about the companies treatment and handling of not only him but other minority talents within the company. Sin Cara also recently requested his release publicly from WWE when he took to social media discussing how he is being wasted as a talent and a worker. Mike Bennett requested his release after just signing a new 5 year deal shortly after one of his best friends Matt Taven decided to stick with Ring Of Honor. 2 other talent have requested their release from the company in a private manner, of which at least one looks as though future bookings and storylines may be worked out. While WWE does not want to release anyone right now due to the risk of that talent going to AEW, even WWE does not want to create a more negative atmosphere in the locker. Additionally WWE may use if necessary the legal option of (conduct detrimental to the company) and freeze deals if they need to take that approach to stop potential social media comments and outrage from talent, however that is a fine line they would have to walk from a legal stand point. A few talent that would like to leave when their deals are up have just gone out closed their mouth and done their job so there is no ramifications in booking or legality for them, also it maximizes contract value when their deals are up.

While some are looking to leave WWE there is many others that are trying to get into the company.

ROH: Contracts of Jeff Cobb, Brody King, Bandido, Rush and PCO are coming to and end, while depending on the wording of Marty Scurll contract his may have expired yesterday or within the next week. ROH has offered a big money contract to try to keep Marty, however he has many many options as most major companies have made or will make an offer to him. Marty is not currently scheduled for ROH finial battle, and they have even explored the possibility of just signing a very short term deal to get him to work the show. Along with Marty most of if not all of the expiring talent will have interest from not only WWE, AEW, but NJPW as well. All but 1 of the ROH contracts expire in the next 45, with the other shortly after.

MLW: Jacob Fatu has signed a new long term deal with MLW. Fatu is the MLW Champion and was highly sought after from other company. MLW has done a great job of keeping their own talent locked up even in this competitive market

AEW: While publicly information has leaked that AEW has no interesting in ACH (the former Jordan Miles) these are simply not true. In speaking to someone within AEW the thought is if information is out that they have no interest the hope is that he gets released and that they can sign him. WWE has considered releases to talent that would not include to AEW until their contracts originally expired, however again from a legal stand point it is walking a fine line. AEW is and will be heavily involved with some of the upcoming free agents while they continue to add to their already very talented roster.

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