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Thomas Fenton Reports

Killer Cross (Kevin Kesar) formerly of Impact Wrestling, has been teasing for for months of mentioning tik-tok and hour glass emojis on his social and will be heading to WWE once the expiration of his current deal. Cross is set to start with WWE around WrestleMania weekend. Many have speculated he will join his significant other Scarlett Bordeaux (Elizabeth Chilhaia), but until now it has not been confirmed. Killer Cross was sought after by many companies however at the end of the day is choosing WWE for a magnitude of reasons.

ROH continues to try to retain the services of Marty Scurll who’s contracted expired but a negotiation was done for him to work both ROH shows this weekend, including Friday’s Final Battle. On the following show Sunday is expected to have Villain Enterprises to drop the Six-Man titles. Ring of Honor has offered Marty a very lucrative deal to resign with ROH and it’s one of the highest deals they have offered, however, from most people that I have talked to, it is unlikely that Marty signs a new deal. Marty, who ROH feared to push all the way earlier this year due to him potentially leaving likely did them no favors with negotiations. Most in the business including myself felt the right move was to have Marty win the ROH title earlier this year at the G1 Supercard at MSG. Again, ROH did not want to do this even though he was under contract for over seven months at the time of the event. There obviously has been much speculations that Marty is headed to AEW and on a recent BTE they have hinting for a Marty debut. At the time of writing, Marty has not signed a deal anywhere, however, this does not mean he hasn’t agreed to terms somewhere. It will be a matter of days, not months, until we figure out Marty’s long term home.

Brody King, one of Marty’s partners in Villain Enterprises, is also approaching the end of his deal. It is likely but not guaranteed that Marty and Brody are headed to the same destination. Brody has really enjoyed working with Marty and feels he brings the best out of him. King was sought after by WWE prior to him signing with ROH and it is a forgone conclusion that both AEW and WWE are interested in him

While talking to others, it was mentioned to me it is likley that Jeff Cobb will be wrapping up dates for New Japan and the end of his ROH deal and that it is likley he will be headed to NXT. Unlike Killer Cross, this is not a done deal. With that said, this is likley the destination sooner than later.

Formally Known as The Boys in Ring of Honor who accompanied Dalton Castle Twins (Brandon and Brent) recently were part of a tryout at the WWE performance center. Both impressed during their tryout and were highly talked about after leaving the tryout. Officials were very happy with them and their condition and how good of shape both looked. While it's to early to say at the time of writting if they will be signed, for those that want them to be part of the WWE family all the signs look promising.

Alex Zayne's name has been brought up multiple times from official's at the PC. Tape of Alex has gotten back to everyone and many would like to see him more closely. Alex who is a highly sought after free agent who has turned down deal from multiple deals from companies is currently doing a tour of Japan to continue to expand his diverse in ring work. As I have previously mentioned before, I do not expect Alex to be a free agent much longer and the question reminds who will land him. The simply answer to this is Alex will at the end of the day be able to pick which company he feels he can be used best with.

Teddy Hart who last week separated from MLW as both sides had an amicable release is looking for work Impact and AEW. There is interest from the Impact side, and there is some trepidation due to the documented history of some of Teddy Hart's past issues.

ACH had one of the quickest cup of coffees with MLW last weekend. ACH debuted with MLW and had agreed to multiple date through next year, quit abruptly. ACH took to social media saying he is done wrestling and questioned people behind the scenes in wrestling. From one person I spoke with, MLW had nice plans for ACH moving forward, but ACH simply could not handle the pressure as well as social media feedback he received.

At Wednesday night's AEW Dark tapings in Garland, Texas Vickie Guerrero was the featured guest commentator. Vickie who I have talked to many times in the last year still follows the wrestling product and is up to date on it. As well as being extremely educated on the product, Vickie is very well respected. At the time of writing there are no future plans for Vickie with AEW, however no matter what Vickie does next she will always bring out the best in that show or product.

The Uso's are set to return sooner than later. After some personal issues and life issues, I'm being told plans are currently being written to plan the return of both Jimmy and Jey. WWE is in need of teams on every brand, and the Uso's will give a boast to whatever brand they come back to full time.

There is a few working ideas for next weeks main event of NXT between Adam Cole and Finn Balor. Ideas of a Johnny Gargano return, as well as Finn having back up are both ideas floated around. The current idea is still to do Cole vs. Ciampa Wrestlemania weekend at Takeover.

As of writing Firefly Funhouse Bray Wyatt will be taking on the Miz this weekend and not the Fiend. The idea here is for a Daniel Bryan revenge on Bray and not the Fiend yet. Both Bray and Bryan knew it was to early to do another match, and the idea is to do The Fiend vs. Bryan rematch at The Royal Rumble.

Speaking of the Royal Rumble names discussed to win the Rumble are Cain Velasquez (if his knee is ok) to rematch Brock at Wrestlemania. Keith Lee's name has recently been discussed and with the fan support behind him recently and the rub at Survivor Series, this should not come to a shock to many. WWE is also trying to finalize if Tyson Fury is available based on schedule Wrestlemania weekend. Both WWE and Tyson have interest in doing something at Wrestlemania if time frames and schedules line up. WWE continues to negotiate with top star to try to get him to do a match at Wrestlemania, but like the above it will depend on scheduling and other engagements that weekend. As of writting Vince is very focused on getting a Wrestlemania top of the card set prior to the end of the year. With XFL kicking off on February 8th Vince will have many prior engagements prior to and wants to have the lineup of the top of the card done prior to getting into the launch of XFL season. April 26th on ESPN is the XFL championship game, so Vince will be very busy throughout Mania season.

If you take out the overrun of NXT this Wednesday, AEW would of had a very close victory. Due to the overrun both NXT and AEW averaged 778k veiwers. One of the biggest things to look at in the veiwership this past week is that fact NXT continues to grow in the younger demographics and close the gap which was nearly triple at one point. In addition to this TNT did have some blackout issues on a certain provider which could attribute to the veiwership decrease. For what it's worth the 18-34 year old demo saw and increase in all of cable television this week. This could be attributed to some colleges already being done for the semester, that said next week with 2 loaded shows and a potential younger audience should be a number moving forward which will look to be the trend.

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