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WNW Premium: Backstage News From WWE Extreme Rules, Potential Plans For Seth Rollins & Interesting Observation Regarding WWE Executive

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Per our own Thomas Fenton:

Apollo Crews was indeed not cleared for action yesterday and officials thought he would be cleared and ready to go but that wasn't the case. They hope to have him back soon however it is Covid-19 related. Regarding the stipulation for the WWE Championship match between Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre, it was reportedly made with the final writing of the show.

The decision to have the Sasha and Asuka match finish the way it did was due to no World Title, IC Title, or US Title change on the show and Vince made a call early in the afternoon. This was also done in hopes to help ratings and continuing the program on television. 

There was a mixed reaction from people in the company in regards to the Swamp Match. The feeling from some is that it looked great from a production stand point, however most were critical that it was not a traditional "wrestling main event" and the actual physical action in the match wasn't great. 

It appears that there are two names to look for Seth Rollins to continue a feud with, one is Rey Mystero if he re-signs with WWE. The program with Seth rollins was planned to move forward, a Aleister Black program however is not out of the question at this point and was discussed in meetings in case Mysterio doesn't sign a new deal.

News from backstage today at Monday Night Raw is that Vince has made some calls before showtime and many told me his mind wasn't in a great place. Vince found out over the weekend that someone very close to him had tested positive for Covid-19 and he was concerned, and not as focused as he normally is on the show.

It's also worth noting that it appears more positive tests have occurred with WWE talent and that there were some quarantine issues for some talent scheduled for tonight.

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