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Vince's patience with Adnan Virk is already running thin and one of the major complaints is his calling of the in ring work. Additionally there are some backstage that says Virk reminds them of Mike Ademlly which is also doing him no favors. WWE’s newest backstage personality Kevin Patrick however has been well received backstage and very professional.

Randy Orton apparently tweaked his right shoulder last night during his match with Matt Riddle. There are no update as of this writing to the severity of it. It was Vince’s idea to change the match on RAW to Riddle and Orton, and felt there could be legs in that program.

WWE has had some postive covid cases over the last 10 days, and while names have not been mentioned it is becoming more clear while watching the last 10 days.

Look for more new faces to continue to debut and appear on NXT television. SARRY will obviously make her debut on NXT tonight, however there is a number of other talents that will be making their way to television in the next few weeks.

As we alluded to earlier, Vice TV is in the wrestling buisness. Vice TV and MLW officially announced their new partnership yesterday, which will air MLW fusion on Vice TV beginning in the spring of 2022. I would fully expect MLW to have content on Vice prior to the launch next spring. This deal has been done for a while now as the final details were worked out. This allows MLW to maintain or expand on their current relationships with other partners and is not an exclusive deal. 

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