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WNW Premium News: Backstage News On NXT Signings, NWA For Sale, ROH Talent Contracts Expiring, Royal Rumble News & Notes

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NXT has new talent coming in this week, and it can be described simply as very diverse. While we will not comment on the names of specific individuals we can confirm as Thomas Fenton has stated for some time now, that this will be a loaded class of individuals headed to WWE and NXT between December and February. In addition, we can confirm the new talent will be very different in their size, style, and athletic background, with more emphasis on in-ring work and crowd reactions. A change in philosophy has also been to signing more fresh faces and younger talent earlier than they previously have done. The change was done not only from a financial standpoint in terms of contracts long term but also to have more talent on NXT television sooner rather than later. Also, it's worth noting that Karrion Kross return to television is imminent sources tell us. 

The NWA went from supremely hot to being 2020 to now potentially being sold to close the year. Whether it is actively being shopped still or if it was a phone call that was fielded, an asking price from Billy Corgan has been floated at 2 million dollars. At the time of writing the company, it was valued to, did not have an interest in it for that price. Much of the value is in The Championship and the lineage of being the "first" "real World Championship" and some of the naming. As far as talent goes, NWA let many contracts expire or have let talent be released due to the issue many are facing with the pandemic, and not able to have fans in many locations. Running anywhere is a challenge, however, when your show was on YouTube the ROI without fines is simply negative. Another person I spoke with was astonished by "that's such an outrageous evaluation". 

As of last week Ring of Honor had multiple talents that they have not negotiated new contracts with that are due to expire very soon. Again with the situation of Covid and then Ring of Honor's month over month attendance declining long before the pandemic, many of those large dollar contracts are not possible. Ring of Honor will have to make a final decision on RUSH very soon. RUSH's first Ring of Honor deal was on the higher end of their scale and RUSH will also have interest from others. This will come down to pay, many contracts have changed and again companies are in different financial situations. With that being said I would not think that the same deal is offered from ROH as previously. With ROH also running mini bubbles and doing a tremendous job with testing, they continue to have the ability to shrink the roster for the tapings. With ROH Final Battle streaming on December 18th along with another set of tapings, many of these talent decisions will play out. 

WWE originally explored the idea of running the 2021 Royal Rumble outside with fans. In a decision that is not 100% off the table, with a continued increase of Covid cases and safety restrictions this may not be possible at that time. In early November when Vince realized there was no chance of having fans in attendance at Survivor Series he was determined on having them for the 2021 Royal Rumble. Under this idea, an outdoor baseball stadium in Texas was discussed. Vince thought the Royal Rumble match itself would look awful in the Thunderdome due to the fans on screens, without the live feedback and emotion. Vince obviously loves the Thunderdome and having it and it has proven to help in the ratings, it's just one of those events he wanted fans. As of this writing, it is EXTREMELY UNLIKELY that the Royal Rumble will have fans and his next focus will be getting fans back for Wrestlemania. There have absolutely been discussions of moving WrestleMania back a few weeks if it means having a live audience or not having one. The thought process here would be it gives more time for vaccine distribution and the potential of lifted restrictions. 

Two other major notes for the upcoming Royal Rumble event. The current WWE Championship Match planned for The Royal Rumble is Braun Strowman vs. Drew McIntyre for the championship. This was pushed back due to a nagging ankle injury that has Braun sidelined for the rest of the year. Also, it has been discussed having the Undisputed Era move up for the Royal Rumble. This has been discussed due to all the new signings and the Wargames match acting as a send-off for the dominant NXT faction. 

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