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WNW Premium News: New WWE Contract News, Brock Lesnar, When Fans Could Return, NJPW Best Of Super Jr News & Will Evander Holyfield Start Wrestling?

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Our own Thomas Fenton reports:
WWE is currently in the process of offering new deals to talent that may have been released. The company is also beginning to bring some backstage officials that were furloughed. The contracts for talent that were released are said to be 30-70% of previous deals and talent is looking else where. WWE has also offered voluntary extended vacations with no pay, and has also asked employees to take less of a salary during this time. 

One talent I spoke with stated, "They can take 20% of my pay away no problem, if I continue to work 3-4 days a month." Other talents are torn because as of this writing, upper WWE officials have not taken a direct salary pay cut. Let's not forget many of these deals were signed in the last 12 months, and many at premium prices due to the competitive launch of AEW.

WWE would like to have Brock Lesnar back for a late Summer push, however due to Brock's medical history and also his rate of pay that this could be pushed back to the Fall. For what it's worth, in a normal environment Jon Jones vs Brock Lesnar in WWE would have  likely happened at Summerslam, however you have to go back to it's not normal times and it can wait.

Speaking with 3 different companies facility planning, most are anticipating on having fans for mid to late July events in limited capacity indoors. Everyone I spoke with said the ideal situation would be running an outdoor venue. This works in AEW's favor with Daily's Place. The way the venue is set up with it being outdoors and with the tiered seating AEW could potentially sell tickets in groups or even sections. The thought is that they could spread tons of fans safely distanced, when they are permitted and also feel safe in doing so.

Now that Mike Tyson is cashing checks in the wrestling business, Evander Holyfield may not be to far off either. There are multiple companies that are exploring options and legalities in sanctioning a Tyson vs Holyfield boxing match. There is also ideas from Holyfield's camp that if Mike can cash in on wrestling can he as well.

NJPW is trying hard to make dates work on rescheduling Best of the Super Juniors, due to the Covid 19 pandemic the tournament was postponed. The issue is NJPW is simply running out of time unless it runs at the same time as the G1 this year. While ideally running Best Of The Super Juniors in Oct/Nov would be fine, ultimately it will depend on when the G1 starts and finishes.

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