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WNW Premium: News On WWE Releases, Indy News From Mania Weekend

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As with any sports and entertainment organization, WWE is in a position to do some flipping of their roster. Over the next week there will, unfortunately, be some job losses, roster movement, call ups, and new hires. In the past, WWE would do these releases and be heavily criticized for having the financial means to pay these individuals. More recently the company and company officials feel it is only a necessary part of any business to get younger and fresh faces. WWE will continue to do rounds of signings of independent and international talent, as WWE had scouts in position at many independent shows in the Tampa area this weekend. 

AEW who is no stranger to bringing in independent talent and using them also had eyes and ears opened. There was some talent wrapping up their independent dates this past weekend and others that will in the next few weeks. 

Teddy Hart caused a minor scene at the ICW show on Friday night at the showcase of the Independents when he walked in covered in ice and in-ring gear pants and tried walking to the back. He was asked to leave and then became obnoxious about and was shown the door by many people. 

This did not interrupt the show at all and was only a debacle for those that followed him into the parking lot. Bloodsport and Spring Break had the largest crowds of independent shows of the weekend and were both held outdoors. There was little to no issues with fans wearing a mask at any of the Independent shows as most sold limited capacity and were spread out well.

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