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WNW WNW Interactive Fantasy Booking: 2021 Men's Royal Rumble #15 Alternative

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We have a major return of the night with Cain Velasquez making his return in the Royal Rumble match. He comes in for the save for Rey Mysterio and goes toe to toe with King Corbin. Cain is on fire, Mysterio hits a 619, RVD hits a Frog Splash, Riddle connects with a big knee and then Cain tosses Corbin out. This leads to RVD and Riddle getting up and facing off two vs. two with Mysterio and Cain. 


We hear a strum of a guitar next with Elias, he begins to play the guitar and sing on his way slowly to the ring. He's in no hurry as he saunters to the ring and the timer actually begins before he hits the ring. Next you have R-Truth run down to the ring with his title being chased by Tozawa, Gulak, and a host of undercard talents. Ryker strikes Truth with a clothesline and pins him and runs off with the title. Ryker becomes the next 24/7 champion during the match and the next entrant is The Miz.

Officially speaking The Miz is number 17, the 24/7 mess had nothing to do with the entrants of the match. We have The Miz, Riddle, RVD, Elias, Cain, and Mysterio. Number 18 in the match is Big E and before making his way to the ring he heads over to commentary to grab Sami Zayn from the booth and bring him to the ring. The two men begin brawling all the way down the ramp before Big E is finally able to get Zayn into the ring.

John Morrison is the next man into the Royal Rumble match and he and Miz instantly team up and eliminate Rey Mysterio from the Royal Rumble match. They begin working together in the match and Zayn dips underneath the bottom rope of the match and out to the floor.

Xavier Woods would be number 20 in the Royal Rumble and he immediately runs around to where Sami Zayn crawled under the ring and throws him back in the ring. He and Big E hit their classic New Day moves and then eliminate Sami from the match.

The next entrant into the Royal Rumble is a returning Braun Strowman. He immediately begins cleaning house. He tosses out Elias, Woods and RVD. He then goes face to face with Cain Velasquez and gets the best of Velasquez with assistance from Corbin on the outside of the ring.  


This leaves Strowman, Riddle, Miz, Morrison and Big E in the match. The next man to enter the match is Keith Lee and we get a face to face with Strowman with both men going back and forth with their power. Lee would eliminate Miz and Morrison from the match however Miz helps save Morrison from being eliminated. However Braun knocks Morrison off the apron into Miz arms and officially eliminates both men.

With the twenty third entrant into the match coming to the ring the only men left in the match are Braun Strowman, Keith Lee, Riddle and Big E. Cesaro is the next man to enter the rumble and he comes in on absolute fire throwing uppercuts everywhere he can. Ricochet goes to make his entrance into the match however Retribution beatdown Ricochet and instead Mustafa Ali makes his entrance and while he enters the match Braun Strowman eliminates Riddle from the match. Riddle is the United States Champion as he defeated Lashley earlier in the night for the title. 

This leaves us with essentially Ali replacing Riddle in the match and we get some nice spots between he and Cesaro in the match. The next man to enter the match is Shinsuke Nakamura.

Nakamura and Cesaro team up and hit some of their tag team moves on people in the match. They even eliminate Braun Strowman together from the match with the help of Keith Lee. The timer quickly goes down and A.J. Styles is next to enter the match at number twenty six. He quickly goes to the top and hits a phenomenal forearm on Nakamura. He hits a combination of strikes on Cesaro and eliminates him from the match. He is standing tall in the match with and Omos is clapping on as he spreads his arms almost welcoming the next entrant.

Edge makes his return to WWE and goes directly after A.J. Styles hitting the ropes, springing through and landing a spear. He then immediately eliminates Styles from the match. Ali then goes on the attack on Edge who bounces off and hits a spear on him then tossing him out of the Rumble. This leaves us with Edge, Big E, Nakamura, and Lee in the Royal Rumble. 


Big E, Nakamura, Keith Lee, Edge and Ali are now the men left in the Royal Rumble match. Sheamus is next to enter the Royal Rumble after his best friend successfully defended his title earlier in the night. We get the hits from Sheamus here with all of his traditional moves. The Clock begins to countdown and the lights go out and up next is.....

All of a sudden Seth Rollins emerges from backstage and Rollins has returned to the WWE, the first time we have seen him since Survivor Series. He gets into the ring and eliminates Nakamura and Big E from the matchup. This leaves Keith Lee, Seth Rollins, Edge and Sheamus as we approach the final entrant into the Royal Rumble.

John Cena makes his return to the WWE as the final entrant into the match and he immediately gets to work on Rollins, Sheamus and Keith Lee. He hits numerous Attitude Adjustments on everyone in the ring and then goes face to face with Keith Lee in the ring. 

Cena eliminates Sheamus first from the ring and this leaves us with Lee, Rollins, Edge and Cena as the final four in the match. Lee and Cena face off until Edge and Rollins break it up and then Edge and Rollins face off one on one. They brawl until Edge drops to the mat and Rollins back up for a Curb Stomp and Lee blasts Rollins out of the ring. Cena then eliminates Lee from the rumble and the final two in the Rumble are Cena and Edge. Edge goes for a spear however Cena side steps Edge and eliminates him from the Rumble. 


John Cena wins the Royal Rumble match!

Cena would go on to challenge Drew McIntyre at the Royal Rumble for the WWE Championship and Ric Flair's record. Cena would also bring up constantly how Raw has dipped under McIntyre's watch which is why he is back to save the brand. 

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