Detailed Injury Update On Five Major Stars That Were Injured At Wrestlemania 29

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There were multiple injuries suffered at Wrestlemania 29 on Sunday. Below is a look at every injury:

  • The Rock tore his abdomen and adductor muscles off the bone in his WWE title match against John Cena. The injury isn't without mystery as it wasn't known following the pay-per-view on Sunday night. It wasn't until Monday afternoon at WWE Raw when it was discovered The Rock was already on his way home to see a doctor about an injury he sustained. The original script for Raw was blown up as Rock had been scheduled and advertised for the show following Wrestlemania for months. I haven't heard how the communication breakdown happened as it's always a possibility Rock did notify the office but the writers and producers didn't get word until they arrived at the venue to start going over the show details.
  • Triple H suffered a left arm/hand injury in his "No Holds Barred" match against Brock Lesnar. The initial fear was Hunter had a broken bone and was x-rayed in the locker room of MetLife stadium. WWE physician Michael Sampson read the x-ray and determined it was negative. Sampson diagnosed the injury as a muscle contusion and advised him to put ice on it. Hunter's hand was very swollen on Monday as we have a photo at this link.
  • CM Punk banged up his elbow and knee in his match against The Undertaker. Punk also had x-rays in the MetLife Stadium locker room and is believed to be in need of an MRI. Punk went into the match banged up and had actually been pulled from WWE live events in mid-March after suffering an arm injury.
  • Ryback was seen limping after his match with Mark Henry although we haven't heard of a significant injury occurring. Ryback shouldered the 400-pound "World's Strongest Man" twice.
  • Shawn Michaels was banged up in the Brock Lesnar bout as the initial fear was he had a broken nose. After further evaluation it was determined Michaels was OK.

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