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Another Proposed Wrestlemania 29 Main Event You Haven't Heard About, Update On WWE Overhauling The Smackdown Main Event Scene, Has The Company Lost Faith In Sheamus?, Details On A New Midcarder In Line For A Major Push

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We're told Vince McMahon has been exploring plans this week for a potential Randy Orton vs. Ryback match at Wrestlemania 29 with Orton as a heel. The thinking is Ryback could be the World Heavyweight Champion and new "face of Smackdown." The question this raises is, has WWE lost faith in Sheamus?

We're told Vince hasn't lost faith in him as a star but doesn't see him able to carry the Smackdown brand. While labeled "Hunter's guy," many feel Vince is past making Sheamus a major face of the company. He'll remain a main eventer for sure but the idea of Smackdown as Sheamus' brand hasn't turned out to Vince's liking.

We're told McMahon has already had discussions about pushing Antonio Cesaro to the moon as Vince is high up on his work and feels he came work great matches and is over with limited mic work.

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