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Two Big Names That Won’t Be Working Wrestlemania 32, Did WWE Ripoff TNA On Raw?, More On New Heel Stable

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Wrestlemania 32 Party

With all of the recent injuries and key names set to miss Wrestlemania 32 next year, do you thin there is any chance at all we see Steve Austin or Shawn Michaels work? You know, one more match in front of 100,000 plus?

We never say never in this business but I do not expect Steve Austin or Shawn Michaels to work another match for WWE or any other organization… not even next year at Wrestlemania 32 in Texas.

Austin seemed to plant the seeds for a dream match against Brock Lesnar in a podcast interview with Paul Heyman that aired on the WWE Network earlier this year, however, we noted at the time that no official contact had been made. Austin has made several public comments since, adamantly denying any interest in wrestling again. I do expect Austin to be in attendance [at Wrestlemania 32] and a cameo certainly can’t be ruled out. The company already used him last month for their ticket sales party for the show.

As for Shawn Michaels, he’s retired from the ring and by all accounts, happy with it. He still has a deal with WWE to do non-wrestling stuff but he’s not going to work again.

If we are talking about a possible retirement match, I do not believe it’s out of the realm of possibilities that The Undertaker wraps his career at the show. His entire run since Wrestlemania 31 this year has felt like a retirement angle, although WWE hasn’t advertised that… at least not yet.

Did WWE straight up steal TNA’s storyline with Tommy Dreamer helping The Dudley Boyz on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw? You know, with the names on the tables; heck, all that was missing was The Hardy Boyz returning to help them as well?

It took me a second to remember what you were referencing but I believe it was in regards to the 2014 angle in TNA Wrestling when Team 3D and Tommy Dreamer had a table "hit list" in their program with Dixie Carter, EC3, Rhino and others. That’s kind of exactly what they’re doing in this new program with The Wyatt Family but I’m careful about accusing WWE from ripping off TNA or vice versa. Storylines and angles are repeated time and time again and remember, that trio originated in ECW, not WWE or TNA. What’s more important than how the idea originated is how it is executed. Is it lazy? Perhaps but there are only so many ways to do certain things and if they were proven to be effective at one time, they’re probably going to be repeated, especially if the same names are available. A question I usually like to ask is - did that work? As opposed to, have I seen this before?

What are your thoughts on the League of Nations stable? I think it’s a great way to push these guys with something new.

If you missed it on Raw, a new heel stable, called League of Nations, debuted. The faction is comprised of WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus, WWE United States Champion Alberto Del Rio, King Barrett and Rusev. I agree with you; I think it’s a fresh way to help get these guys over and it should be especially beneficial to King Barrett and Rusev, both who have been somewhat lost lately. Sheamus, prior to walking out of Survivor Series WWE World Heavyweight Champion, despite being Mr. Money in the Bank, was more mid-card than ever, so it should help him as well. I’m not setting my expectations too high but people like factions and this is better than seeing talented workers walk the proverbial mid-card treadmill.

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