Wrestlemania 32 Updates On Brock Lesnar's Opponent, The Rock, Ronda Rousey's Next Move

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Brock Lesnar

We’re continuing to follow the chatter surrounding main event matches for Wrestlemania 32 next year in Arlington, Texas. Literally EVERYONE we’ve heard from is saying Brock Lesnar vs. Steve Austin is NOT happening but it’s almost to the point where they’re so adamant about it that it’s suspicious. So we’ll remind you that our sources are telling us what they told us back in July in that Austin is not being considered for an in-ring return at Wrestlemania 32 in Texas but just understand there does seem to be some doubt.

Austin and Paul Heyman planted the seeds on the Steve Austin Podcast live on the WWE Network and that was it. After that, nothing but adamant denials. We’ll find out soon enough what the plans are for Brock Lesnar and if it’s not Austin, it’s likely going to be The Rock. There’s also a chance they do Rock vs. Triple H.

Sources close to The Rock say he’s fine working Brock or Hunter at Wrestlemania but if he ends up doing the program with Triple H (that was put into motion this year), he wants Stephanie McMahon and Ronda Rousey involved. We’ve been over this before and UFC is not allowing Rousey to do it and Rousey has been quick to state in media interviews she will be unavailable due to her moving filming schedule.

However, if she really wants to do it, there is a way to make it happen. If it’s a situation where Rousey is just in Rock’s corner or acts as a ringside enforcer, if it’s that important to her, many are skeptical if UFC would really risk upsetting her by blocking the appearance. It’s something we don’t know but as is the case with Austin, the current word is that she’s unavailable.

It’s at least worth mentioning that Rock and Rousey are friends and he does have some influence over her. Some are wondering if Rousey — who is now acting as well — will follow Rock’s footsteps and head to the big screen full time in the next few years. Many close to Rousey, including The Rock, believe she would have major success in Hollywood, especially if she makes the transition full time before ever suffering a defeat in the UFC.

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