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Where Vince McMahon Wants To Bring Wrestlemania, Backstage Reaction To Randy Orton's Salary Including Talent Wanting New Deals, Measures WWE Takes To Prevent Salary Leaks, Top WWE Merchandise Sellers For 2012, Steve Austin Healthy; Why It's Up To WWE If H

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Wrestlemania at the Big House

While we mentioned here on that Philadelphia is in the running to host Wrestlemania 31 or 32, the Big House in Ann Arbor, Michigan is still a very popular venue to host one of them. As we've reported previously, WWE wants to see how the venue, reserved for big college football games, handles next year's NHL Winter Classic. The reason Vince McMahon is interested in running at the Big House is simple - he wants 120,000 fans at Wrestlemania.

Backstage Reaction to Randy Orton's Salary

As expected, there are plenty of people backstage in WWE upset about Randy Orton reportedly making $291,666 a month. We're told the numbers are from 2012 when he received a large portion of the Smackdown gate. A source, speaking to us under the condition of anonymity, says Orton was number four in merchandise sales last year behind CM Punk, John Cena and Rey Mysterio. We're told it wasn't merchandise that really boosted his income as much as it was his portion of the live gates.

There are other top names that either want their contracts restructured or larger pay days when their current contracts come up. There are names currently working on the same level as Orton that are making one third of the $291,666 a month figure. WWE goes out of their way to keep salaries and contracts private, attaching non-disclosure agreements to contracts that include termination clauses if deals are discussed.

In total, the amount Orton is getting paid really goes to show how much faith the company in him when it was first signed.

Steve Austin Calls Out the WWE Pocket Book

Steve Austin's declaration that he is healthy enough for a match at Wrestlemania XXX is his way of saying he's available if the money is right. Basically, Austin would entertain the thought of "one last match" if the financial compensation made sense.

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