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Why You Probably Won't Be Seeing Wrestlemania XXVIII Available In 3D In Movie Theaters This Year & How It Involves WWE's Number One Priority As A Company

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I'm told the talked about deal of having Wrestlemania XXVIII available in 3D in theaters is "pretty much dead" at this point. While not newsworthy in of itself, the reason why is actually interesting.

Any time a pay-per-view event is also available in theaters, the cable and satellite providers are not thrilled because they lose out on closed-circuit revenue. It's usually not something they can do much about and it's not uncommon for a main event boxing match or UFC event to be carried in theaters as well as pay-per-view.

However, right now WWE's number one priority as a company is gaining clearances for the WWE Network, thus making it a "terrible time" to upset cable and satellite providers by making one of the biggest pay-per-view events of the year also available in theaters. Both the cable and satellite providers know they have all the leverage and they've expressed their displeasure to WWE with the idea of Wrestlemania XXVII being made available in theaters.

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