How The WWE Writing Team Is Holding Up Following Raw's Expansion, Details On A Top WWE Star In Which The Company Has No Long-Term Plans For, Plans For Charlie Sheen At SummerSlam, CM Punk Makes A Major Request Following Randy Orton's Return & Why He Hasn'

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- I'm told there is a considerable amount of burn out amongst many members of the WWE writing team, almost to the point where they are having a hard time keeping up with gimmicks and angles from one show to the next. Remember there was a lot of opposition from writers about WWE Raw expanding to three hours due to added stress and the extra work it would require of them.

- There is no long-term plan in place for Daniel Bryan's character and while the company wants to do a celebrity angle with Charlie Sheen for SummerSlam, Sheen is seen as so unreliable WWE is having a hard time putting anything together. As one source pointed out, if WWE can't rely on him to post Tweets how can they rely on him to appear at a major pay-per-view?

- The plan is for WWE Champion CM Punk to re-join the Raw crew on the touring schedule now that Randy Orton has returned. I heard Punk actually requested to be placed back on Raw live events because he wanted to be with the company's top brand and feels it offers him a better opportunity in terms of drawing power. Punk's move isn't seen as a backseat to Orton but a call of his own. While Orton really wanted to come back heel, he's not in a good position to negotiate right now and Punk told the office he'd go heel and play out real-life gripes. He wasn't worried about it hurting his merchandise sales either because the feeling was his fans were going to be his fans no matter what.

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