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WWE 2K18 On Nintendo Switch Update, Details On WWE vs. NJPW At Hot Topic

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The official announcement of WWE 2K18 for Nintendo Switch was pushed up due to so much information leaking, especially on this website. While the Switch version still doesn't have an official release date, 2K Sports is still hoping the staggered release will result in some fans buying multiple versions of the game.

As things stand now, the plan is to release the game six weeks after the PS4 and Xbox One editions. Originally, there was talk of launching as late as January, but now that the cat is out of the bag, 2K Sports is hoping to have the Nintendo Switch version on store shelves by Christmas.

In other retail news, New Japan Pro Wrestling and Bullet Club merchandise continues to be a smash hit at Hot Topic, far beyond what Hot Topic was expecting. Several designs continue to sell out and Hot Topic is now considering branching out further into the wrestling sphere without WWE's involvement, including trying to cut deals with former WWE wrestlers. WWE merchandise continues to be a steady seller for Hot Topic, but in many locations, there are New Japan designs beating out WWE designs.

As for how NJPW lucked into this arrangement, it was actually Hot Topic executives that had reached out to several New Japan wrestlers after seeing so many Bullet Club shirts at recent WWE shows they had attended.

WWE considers it an embarrassment for an international brand to be gaining so much favor with a retail partner that has traditionally been very focused on WWE wrestling wise, adding yet another reason to the list of why WWE wants to get more aggressive with signing even more of NJPW's top stars.


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