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WWE Agrees In Principle To Acquire Top Star

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We have even more details on Ricochet coming to WWE. He’s definitely coming in but it’s going to be probably over a year until he can due to a non-compete agreement attached to his Lucha Underground contract. WWE feels they have the legal muscle to successfully get through out, but, they’re afraid the legal positions they would take to get Ricochet out of the non-compete could then be used against WWE later on when WWE is trying to enforce their non-competes.

So WWE is willing to wait until the Fall of 2017 to get Ricochet (deal is already agreed to, just have to wait out the very long non-compete), but if Lucha Underground messed around, or the next season gets delayed and they try to enforce a non-compete into 2018, at that point WWE would fight it. But right now, they've taken the position that they're willing to wait until the fall of next year before they can actually use him even though they've already got a deal.

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