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Three WWE Stars With Backstage Heat; One Expected To Leave Soon?, Finn Balor’s Future, Cena Heavily Praises New Talent

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Bulletproof Balor Club

- Braun Strowman continues to garner heavy criticism regarding his in-ring work. He has the size and look that Vince McMahon loves but I heard from a number of sources close to producers that his work just isn’t anywhere near where it needs to be. Note that he was drafted to the opposite brand (Raw) of Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan (Smackdown).

- Speaking of the WWE doghouse, Alberto Del Rio seems to be in it. Remember, Vince McMahonwanted to heat up on him heading into the Draft but Triple Hinsisted they cool on him because his contract is up in October. Hunter won out and now Del Rio’s commitment is being questioned. One observer stated they believe Del Rio is mailing it in and could end up walking in the fall.

- Cesaro is catching heat for his post-WWE Draft interview with JoJo. His comments were unscripted, however, it’s not as bad as one thinks. This is separate from what I’ve heard but something of my own opinion, Vince McMahon usually respects guys that stand up for themselves, so maybe it could end up helping him?

- I’m told many WWE workers did not know where they were going to be drafted until it was announced on live television. I guess hindsight is 20/20 as the company essentially spoiled the moves with advanced advertisements but like the situation with Cesaro, plans in WWE are always changing until they are executed. So while Cesaro was one of the few changes, he was originally slated to go to Smackdown, the feeling was that anything could happen.

- WWE wanted flexibility with Finn Balor and they now have it with Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows on Raw with him. They can push Balor with them, as a heel, or, on his own as a babyface. The people that I have spoken with feel Balor needs to be a babyface out of the gate because he’ll be a forced heel that the audience wants to cheer.

- John Cena was overheard heavily praising Enzo Amore this week for Enzo’s work on the mic. It’s easy to see why Cena is so high up on him as there are clear similarities.

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