Reason For Multiple Character Turns On WWE TV, The WWE Network Gets A "Do Or Die" Date, Triple H Looking To Pair WWE Hall Of Famer With Daniel Bryan?, How Rob Van Dam Will Be Booked In WWE

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Rob Van Dam

- The reason for the massive amount of character turns recently on WWE television has to do with Vince McMahon feeling the product was stale and being terrified about trying to launch the WWE Network with low ratings. We're being told the Network's "do or die" date is Wrestlemania XXX and if it's not launched a month before or after, it may not happen at all.

- Triple H recently contacted Shawn Michaels about doing an angle on down the line with Daniel Bryan. Remember it was Shawn that trained Brian and Hunter felt incorporating him in a storyline would be useful.

- Multiple creative plans for Rob Van Dam are being discussed. We already noted him as a possible Money in the Bank ladder match participant and there have been discussions about booking him in the top of the card.

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