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Daniel Bryan's Status & Future Of WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Why WWE Wants To Be Careful With Cena vs. Wyatt, WWE Already Disappointed With Bo Dallas, Internal Reaction To Adam Rose

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- Heading into the weekend we had not heard how much longer Daniel Bryan will be out with his neck injury. The feeling is if he's back in a month, he'll keep the title. If it's longer than that, an alternative plan will be put in place. I would expect a clearer idea to be available Sunday at the pay-per-view, where we should get some answers on where WWE plans to go. The storyline is that Bryan must "surrender" the title to Stephanie McMahon or Brie Bella will be "fired."

- I heard that WWE wants to be very careful with the booking of John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt at Payback. While Cena is the favorite, based on what happened last month, the company doesn't want to kill the momentum they have going with Wyatt.

- One observer mentioned that company officials aren't happy with the conditioning of Bo Dallas and feel he needs to be "more tone."

- The buzz regarding Adam Rose is that the gimmick has only gotten over one time and it was in Europe, likening it to how Fandango could get his gimmick over last year in front of certain crowds.

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